SOLOS STYLISH WEAR was born from a very strong passion for fashion combined with 20 years of experience in the sector, discovering new talents by traveling in the fashion capitals, discovering that passion, creativity and magic in emerging designers.

SOLOS is a reliable company based in Dubai well recognized for its global expertise and local knowledge with an international team located in different countries whose mission is to help new and/or positioned designers, brands and artists to succeed in the UAE and GCC market. We provide full support that includes consultation, brand positioning, brand business development, strategy and marketing.

The idea of ​​combine fashion and fragrances comes from an innate passion for everything that makes our soul feel an emotion.


RESILIENCE is a fragrance inspired by courage.

It’s dedicated to those who can read beyond the words we say to ourselves and those who have the concreteness to SEE.

Patchouli and the musk make this fragrance sensual and decisive while Vanilla
and Tobacco recalls the strength in vulnerability and the fragility in the strength
that we all have within each of us.

Resilience is a goal we all can achieve, working with perseverance into our-self.


SOLIDITY is mysterious and sensual, inspired by a feeling of total physical and mental presence.

This fragrance is the essence of something that you feel innate inside you even when it is not there.

Saffron touch, Woody tones and Amber give to Solidity a feeling of intelligence, firmness, decision and sweetness, I would say INNER UNIQUENESS