Canadian Billionaires Stroll and Latifi and Their Luxury Megayachts A Passion for the Sea and Formula One

faith yacht

Stroll and Latifi, both Canadian billionaires, same passion for the M/Y FAITH Lawrence Stroll and Michael Latifi, both Canadian billionaires, have not only achieved elite status in the world of ultra-high-net-worth individuals but also share a profound love for Formula One racing and the sea, particularly yachts. Lawrence Stroll, a tremendously wealthy entrepreneur in the […]

Sailing into Opulence: NEOM’s Luxurious Yachting Paradise on Sindalah Island

JLS Yachts Collaboration Sets the Stage for a Superyacht Haven in the Heart of the Red Sea” As Dubai continues to evolve, it anticipates formidable competition from other regional powers. For instance, NEOM’s Sindalah, Saudi Arabia’s luxury island, is poised to emerge as a hub for superyachts and a luxury marine destination. With its scheduled […]

Charting a New Course: Dubai’s Rising Yachting Frontier

In a world where the Mediterranean’s azure waters typically beckon superyachts like a siren’s call, an intriguing shift is unfurling on the horizon: Dubai is steadily carving out a place as a captivating alternative to the traditional yachting havens of the Caribbean. The resounding success of the 2023 Dubai International Boat Show, hosted at the […]

Success and Luxury: The Story of Patrick Dovigi and the Superyacht Ahpo

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Former Hockey Pro Patrick Dovigi owner of a Multibillion-Dollar Business bought Ahpo superyacht for US$362 million In the magical summer of 2007, a young entrepreneur named Patrick Dovigi founded Green For Life with a $10 million investment from his supporters David Kassie and Barry Goldberg of Canaccord Genuity Group. Little did he know that this […]

Calzedonia Expands Its Portfolio with the Acquisition of Cantiere del Pardo, Leading Luxury Yacht Manufacturer

Pardo Yachts becomes a Calzedonia Group’s asset. Calzedonia, the group founded by Sandro Veronesi, is set to further enrich its portfolio with the acquisition of Cantiere del Pardo, a renowned company specializing in the production of luxury sail and motor yachts. The binding agreement, signed with Wise Equity, stipulates that the long-standing managers, Fabio Planamente […]

Luxury Afloat: The Most Remarkable Yacht Sales of 2023 So Far

Beyond Boundaries: Unveiling the Pinnacle of Yacht Sales in 2023 join us as we uncover the most extraordinary transactions that have marked the world of yachts in this exceptional 2023. Starting from the eleventh position, we will gradually ascend to the pinnacle of the year, where an extraordinary deal has captivated everyone.  Here we are, […]

PortoSole Sanremo, among the largest and most prestigious tourist ports in the Mediterranean, becomes a partner of Blueside Yachting.

portosole sanremo

The Marina of PortoSole, known for its innovation and commitment to excellent services. PortoSole is one of the largest and most prestigious tourist ports in the Mediterranean, serving as a regular base for numerous private megayachts and luxury charter vessels. Surrounded by extraordinary Mediterranean vegetation and crystal-clear waters certified with the Blue Flag, it continues […]

BWA Yachting Becomes Exclusive Superyacht Agency for NEOM’s Luxury Island, Sindalah

neom sindalah island bwa yachting

Unlocking Luxury: NEOM Chooses BWA Yachting for Superyacht Services at Sindalah exclusive island. NEOM, the ambitious project consisting of 10 regions including The Line, Oxagon, Trojena, and Sindalah, has revealed its collaboration with BWA Yachting for the development of its luxury island, Sindalah, in Saudi Arabia. BWA Yachting, a globally recognized yacht agency and service […]


Luxury yacht interior design

CAFFARRI CASA, from Italian bespoke Interior Design for the residential, commercial, and hospitality sectors to the captivating world of Yachting. Caffarri Casa has chosen Blueside Yachting as its partner for the world of yachting for several key reasons. Firstly, Blueside Yachting has a well-established reputation in the field of luxury yacht consulting and management. Their […]