Sailing into Opulence: NEOM’s Luxurious Yachting Paradise on Sindalah Island

JLS Yachts Collaboration Sets the Stage for a Superyacht Haven in the Heart of the Red Sea”

As Dubai continues to evolve, it anticipates formidable competition from other regional powers.

For instance, NEOM’s Sindalah, Saudi Arabia’s luxury island, is poised to emerge as a hub for superyachts and a luxury marine destination. With its scheduled opening in 2024, Sindalah envisions becoming a vibrant yachting haven in the Red Sea.

Despite the potential for intensified rivalry, both Dubai and NEOM appear committed to presenting a united front. The management of the owner company of Dubai Harbour Marina emphasizes a collaborative perspective, seeing these developments not as threats to Dubai’s endeavors, but as opportunities to bolster the collective appeal of the Gulf region. “As Dubai’s reputation as a superyacht destination grows, there is an increasing spirit of collaboration across the region, including with entities like NEOM. This integration aims to make the entire region more enticing and seamless as a yachting destination,” the management of Dubai Harbour Marina affirmed.

A few weeks ago, we reported on NEOM’s inaugural exclusive yachting partnership, and now the project announces its collaboration with JLS Yachts for the luxury Sindalah island development.

Another superyacht partner for Sindalah development

JLS Yachts has been appointed a “key partner superyacht agency” for the upcoming Sindalah project. The island, situated in the Red Sea off Saudi Arabia’s northwestern coast, is set to open its doors in 2024.

Sindalah, NEOM’s first tourism destination, promises visitors a lavish lifestyle experience. Within NEOM’s array of 41 islands, Sindalah stands out as the future home to a world-class yachting ecosystem boasting over 5,000 berths. NEOM’s partnership with JLS Yachts is poised to fortify Sindalah’s aspiration of becoming a global yachting magnet, with the island located a mere 17 hours’ sailing distance from the Mediterranean.

JLS Yachts’ office within Sindalah’s marina will provide an extensive suite of top-notch services tailored to the comfort and enjoyment of the yachting community. This range of services includes berthing, provisioning, bunkering, customs clearance, transportation, and travel arrangements.

The appointment of JLS Yachts as NEOM’s second official yachting partner follows the June announcement of Monaco-based BWA Yachting’s intention to establish an office at the Sindalah marina. Drawing upon its service excellence and established presence in the Arabian Gulf region and Indian Ocean, JLS Yachts is poised to bring its regional expertise to Sindalah, preparing to welcome the world’s most discerning superyacht clientele in 2024.

Sindalah Island: Redefining Luxury Yachting in the Red Sea

With an astute grasp of the intricacies of the Middle Eastern marine environment, JLS Yachts has positioned itself as the go-to agency for all maritime needs, setting a new benchmark of excellence in the Arabian Gulf region. Antoni Vives, Chief Urban Development at NEOM, enthused, “Sindalah will unveil a new realm of seamless luxury to the world, inviting the yachting community to a fresh seasonal destination in the majestic waters of the Red Sea. JLS Yachts is a partner that will help materialize Sindalah’s audacious vision as we extend a global invitation to witness NEOM’s physical embodiment.”

Boasting a core team of 34 experts with a collective marine experience of over 130 years, JLS Yachts is primed to cater to every aspect of superyacht maritime services. Additionally, the company offers comprehensive training programs designed to nurture the next generation of yacht enthusiasts, captains, and crew.

The JLS Yacht Training Institute, a Recognized Training Centre, is dedicated to delivering the suite of courses offered by the Royal Yachting Association.

NEOM’s Visionary Partnership with JLS Yachts Creates a Global Yachting Haven on Saudi Arabia’s Magnificent Sindalah Island

Captain Stephan Corbett, CEO of JLS Yachts, shared, “We are honored and thrilled to be chosen as a key partner for NEOM’s illustrious Sindalah Island along Saudi Arabia’s Red Sea coastline. With our operational offices established in Jeddah and Riyadh, we anticipate extending exceptional services to our VVIP owners, captains, and crew. As the most prominent and experienced superyacht agency in the Middle East and northern Indian Ocean, we eagerly anticipate bringing our distinct and rewarding services to the Red Sea and beyond.”

Sindalah, poised as a glamorous gateway to the Red Sea, is set to redefine the luxury island experience. With its 86 berths catering to yachts up to 50 meters and additional serviced offshore buoys accommodating superyachts of up to 180 meters, the Sindalah marina is poised to become a pivotal hub on the global yachting calendar.

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