Dubai and yachts


Dubai has become the ultimate yachting destination, thanks to its state-of-the-art infrastructure, world-class facilities, luxurious marinas, stunning coastline, rich maritime history, and year-round sunshine. The recent Gulf Superyacht Summit 2022, which brought together government, private sector representatives, experts and yacht owners, further highlighted the bright future of Dubai’s yachting industry. With increased investment in marine infrastructure and streamlined legislation, alongside a growing number of nautical events, Dubai is set to become a global superyacht hub.

During the Monaco Boat Show

the Department of Economy and Tourism announced several upgrades to marina facilities, extended cruising permits, and expansion of professional yachting and maritime academies. Furthermore, obtaining charter permits will be made more seamless, along with the streamlining of immigration and customs clearance services. These improvements amplify Dubai’s appeal as a superyacht hub and make it easier for visitors to explore the city’s vast array of fine-dining restaurants and tourism attractions, all within close proximity to the marinas.

Dubai has experienced rapid growth in the yachting industry, thanks to significant investment in yachting facilities and continuous enhancements to the offerings for yachts. The city is now home to 15 marinas with more than 3,000 docking spots, many of which can comfortably accommodate superyachts and mega yachts. Two standout projects include the redevelopment of Mina Rashid as a yachting destination in 2017. The second one is Dubai Harbour, an exceptional seafront district accommodating upscale living, retail, hospitality experiences, and mooring facilities.

Dubai and yachts – lifestyle and marinas 

The city of Dubai offers a range of dock and dine options, as well as a variety of leisure experiences spanning from heritage to entertainment, outdoor adventures to beach activities, gastronomy to family-oriented experiences, and from shopping to luxury. Dubai Marina, for example, is a popular neighborhood and marina, home to an array of restaurants, attractions, shops, and more. Pier 7 is a distinctive dining destination with seven different eateries within the building, all of which offer sweeping views of the city.

Dubai Creek Golf & Yacht Club is another popular yachting destination, with refined beach clubs, restaurants, sporting, and leisure activities all within the destination. The marina incorporates a boat charter operation, a fully equipped workshop, and a boat repair yard. It is also the first marina in Dubai to be ISO certified, making it the ideal spot for yacht tourists to dock, unwind, and service their vessels. Crew members can also enjoy a range of private clubhouses, such as the Dubai Marina Yacht Club and the Dubai Offshore Sailing Club, which offer various amenities, including private cigar lounges, yacht clubs, restaurants, sailing and cruising lessons, and more.

In conclusion

Dubai’s yachting industry has experienced exponential growth, thanks to a significant investment in yachting facilities, streamlined industry legislation, and a proliferation of nautical events. With its picturesque coastline, world-class infrastructure, and luxurious marinas, Dubai is set to become a global superyacht hub.
Thanks to these world-class improvements Dubai is attracting yacht owners and visitors from around the world.

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