Yachting club in Saudi Arabia

Over the last five years the governments of the Arabian Gulf have invested millions into the yachting infrastructure of the region.
This means building world class marinas, yacht clubs, as well as crew and refit facilities. Saudi Arabia is heavily investing in infrastructure to attract yachting to the region. The process will includes more marinas, yacht clubs, beach clubs, hotels, shipyard facilities and opening previously private areas to yachting tourism. This will take time, but the first steps have been made with the addition of Jeddah Yacht Club providing superyacht facilities and an ideal place on route to the Indian Ocean. 

The Saudi Arabian government has placed strong emphasis on infrastructure as a key engine of urban growth.

The primary reason for growth in Saudi Arabia boat and yacht revenue can be attributed to the geographical location and upcoming infrastructure projects like NEOM. Saudi Vision 2030 aims to promote infrastructural development and new laws for private sector to support the promising future of the boat and yacht market. Moreover, the rising per capita income of Saudi Arabia would play a crucial role in improving the demand for luxury and recreational activities, hence boosting the sales of boats and yachts in the country.

The Kingdom is witnessing a significant expansion of coastal and maritime assets and a ultra-luxury yacht club will be built on the Red Sea as part of the Vision 2030 project.

The yacht club sits under the Amaala umbrella, managed by The Red Sea Development company and forms part of the Saudi Vision 2030 program.

Amaala is one of the flagship Saudi Vision 2030 projects and remains central to the kingdom’s ambition to become a global tourism leader and an international hub for luxury yachting.

Jeddah Yacht is set on four levels Covering 7,900 sq. m. It’s set to create a home from home for its members whether to do business, relax or take part in a calendar of yachting events.

Jeddah Yacht Club and Marina provides 95 berths for yachts and boats from 10 meters up to 120 meters. Mooring allocations can be for based on an annual or short-term basis; we’re the perfect base for F1 event berthing.


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